GIMS – Genetic Information Management Suite

The Genetic Information Management Suite (GIMS) is a platform for IT-supported analysis and interpretation of raw data resulting from genetic diagnostic tests. GIMS enables an automated production of medical diagnostic reports based on customer specific panels. It also supports the digital delivery of test results and further relevant information to the point of care.

GIMS is system-agnostic and can be integrated in any laboratory infrastructure. The platform has been developed by an experienced team of human geneticists, laboratory professionals, software developers and bioinformatic experts. It is modular and can be adapted to your laboratories requirements and workflows.

Benefits for your Lab

  • Significant time and cost savings through automation of manual processes / workflows
  • Consistent, up-to-date diagnostic reports: Including evaluated recommendations directly applicable in clinical practice
  • Can be integrated in any IT-infrastructure, adaptable to existing workflows
  • Connection to LIS/LIMS or bioinformatic platforms through standard interfaces

Automated allocation of interpretations and further clinically relevant information to genetic data

Production of clinically actionable diagnostic reports




Structured documentation and sharing of variant assessments, decisions and reference information

Decision support for diagnostic reporting

Delivery and presentation of genetic test results through web-based applications at Point of Care