Delivery Module

  • Delivery and presentation of genetic test results through web-based applications at Point of Care

Key Features

  • Quick and easy overview of personal genetic information
  • Real-time generation of Diagnostic Reports within Genetic Health Record
  • Important medical information, knowledge, references, etc.
  • Alert function when new reports, information, etc. are available
  • Direct integration into EHRs possible

With the increasing amount of data resulting from multi-gene analyses traditional diagnostic reports are no longer adequate to transport all necessary and relevant information. This poses a problem for the delivery and perception of results at the Point of Care. Reports can only use fractions of data resulting from a genetic analysis, the remaining data is not available for subsequent clinical questions.

The GIMS Delivery Module allows genetic labs to make test results available for patients and physicians in a well-arranged and easily accessible format.

GIMS automatically compiles results of analyses, diagnostic reports as well as relevant genetic background information in personalized Genetic Health Records (GHR) accessible through a web-based portal.