Diagnostic Report Module

  • Automated allocation of interpretations and further clinically relevant information to genetic data
  • Production of clinically actionable diagnostic reports

Key Features

  • Fully functional Content Management System for diagnostic content
  • Genetic Report Engine for automated production of diagnostic reports
  • Import of variant assessments, reference information from Knowledge Management Module
  • Direct connectivity to LIMS or bioinformatic platforms through standard interfaces (HL7, FHIR) or customized solutions (based on XML, JSON, etc.)
  • CE-certified as Medical Device Class I

The interpretation of genetic data and translation into clinically usable information today is a complex and highly fragmented process. It requires time consuming manual work and specially trained experts.

The GIMS Diagnostic Report Module supports Genetic Labs in producing diagnostic reports. It contains a fully functional content management system. This enables labs to manage medical and scientific content and text elements in one working space. Content can also be provided by bio.logis GIM – in any case the client has full control over content at any time. Variant annotations, assessment as well as relevant reference information can be imported from our propriety Knowledge Management Module.

Lab results are delivered from the clients lab system into GIMS through standard interfaces. A Genetic Report Engine analyzes genetic variants as well as patient data (gender, symptoms, etc.), automatically allocates the appropriate text modules and compiles them into a diagnostic report.

The result: a high-quality genetic diagnostic report, transferred as structured data into the client’s lab system where it can be embedded into the client´s individual report layout. The report provides attending physicians with valuable information and courses of action for therapeutic measures.