Knowledge Management Module

  • Structured documentation and sharing of variant assessments, decisions and reference information
  • Decision support for diagnostic reporting

Key Features

  • Distinct workflows and traceability for assessment, review and approval of decisions
  • Integrated literature management tool
  • Expiry date and alert function for variant assessments
  • Direct interface to Diagnostic Report Module to support automated report production
  • Sharing network (coming soon)

The assessment and review of variants found in a patient in order to determine their relevancy with regard to the clinical question at hand is a laborious task. It can take up well over one hour for each variant. In addition the whole process needs to be well documented. It has to be reproducible at all times who has made which decision, when and on what basis.

The Knowledge Management Module enables users to store and document variant assessments, reference literature and further relevant information in a customer-specific knowledge base. It provides clear-cut workflows for review and approval. By that it makes decisions that result in diagnostic reports traceable and transparent. Information stored can be equipped with expiry dates and users are for example alerted when assessments have to be re-validated.

The Knowledge Management Module can be directly connected to the Diagnostic Report Module in order to import variant assessments and reference information, thus further supporting automated report production and minimizing the need for manual work steps.

In addition the Knowledge Management Module supports sharing of medical content and knowledge within a growing network of genetic laboratories, institutions and expert groups.