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Genetic Information Management Suite

Translating DNA into Health

Rapid developments in genotyping technologies make it possible to establish an increasing amount of genetic raw data for every individual. Data captured in the process unfold their usefulness only after translating them into diagnostic reports with actual clinical information and recommendations.

Our Genetic Information Management Suite (GIMS) offers an unique solution that supports diagnostic labs in making genetic data usable for clinical practice.

GIMS is a platform for IT-supported analysis and interpretation of raw data resulting from genetic diagnostic tests. GIMS enables an automated production of medical diagnostic reports based on customer specific panels. It also supports the digital delivery of test results and further relevant information to the point of care.

Our software solution GIMS.pharma for pharmacogenomics therefore allows an efficient processing of individual preemptive pharmacogenetic testing with trusted and ready to use information on medication and treatment.

System agnostic

GIMS can be integrated into any lab or IT infrastructure


GIMS can be adapted to your existing lab requirements and workflows


GIMS is developed by an experienced team of human geneticists, lab professionals, software developers and bioinformatic experts

Key benefits


  • significant time & cost savings due to automation of manual processes or workflows
  • consistent, up-to-date diagnostic reports including evaluated recommendations for direct application in clinical practice
  • connected to bioinformatic platforms or LIS/LIMS via standard interfaces

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