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Our Mission

Support and drive the adoption
of human genetic diagnostics into clinical practice
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Our focus

Process steps which are facing the unmet need
in genetic diagnostics
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Our offer

Innovative IT solutions supporting genetic labs
in translating genetic test results into clinical recommendations

bio.logis GIMS - Home of the Clinical Interpretome


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Pharmacogenetic Testing Studie der Harvard Medical School

Studie der Harvard Medical School zeigt, dass pharmakogenetische Tests auf Statin-Nebenwirkungen nicht zu einem schlechteren Cholesterinspiegel im Blut führen. Mehr erfahren ...

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| Conference
DELAB Fachtagung, Mainz, 11th/12th September 2020

The bio.logis team would like to welcome you at the DELAB-Fachtagung in Mainz, Sep 11 and 12. We are happy to give you a demonstration of our GIMS.pharma webapp, pharma.sensor app and data upload portal. Learn how easy it could be to establish pharmacogenetics in your lab and hospital.

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Genetic Information Management System

genetic information management

Genetic data for clinical practice

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bio.logis provides highly innovative software solutions, enabling automated interpretation, reporting & delivery of genetic data – compiled in one central, highly sophisticated IT platform:

Genetic Information Management System – GIMS

GIMS enables workflow-, collaboration- and knowledge management as well as clinical decision support for human genetics data and digital delivery of genetic diagnostic information via a software platform. It supports laboratories with the interpretation of genetic data and the translation into actionable clinical insights as well as healthcare professionals and patients with the application of these insights at the point of care.



Pharmacogenomics for everyday clinical practice

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Clinical decision-making for genetic diagnostics

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get in touch and discover what gims can do for your lab

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We are convinced, that the bio.logis Genetic Information Management System will improve the process of creating more valuable results, which we provide to our clients (i.e. physicians). This will help us to build a competition advantage.“

Dr. med. Michal Milczarek, Director Operations, Alab Laboratories, Poland

"bio.logis is the ideal partner for us to implement personalized pharmacogenetic diagnostics.
We know the GIM system from the EU project Ubiquitious Pharmacogenomics, in which it has already proven its efficiency."

Prof. Dr. Matthias Schwab, Head of Dr. Margarete Fischer-Bosch Institute of Clinical Pharmacology, Stuttgart

 "We are using bio.logis GIMS within the EU-funded project U-PGx where it serves as the standard tool for all study sites for producing pharmacogenetic reports and patient cardsfrom raw genetic test results."

Prof. J.J. Swen, PharmD, PhD, Associate Professor of Pharmacogenetics, Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands
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Participation in EU-Projects within Horizon 2020 program

  • Ubiquitous Pharmacogenomics (U-PGx)
  • Genetics Clinic of the Future (GCOF)

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