Genetic Information Management

Rapid developments in genotyping technologies make it possible to establish an increasing amount of genetic raw data for every individual. Data captured in the process unfold their usefulness only after translating them into diagnostic reports with actual clinical information and recommendations.

Therefore the key challenges for using a continuously growing amount of genetic data are

  • Translation of genetic test results into clinically actionable information
  • Efficient production of consistent diagnostic reports
  • Delivery of test results and clinical information in a comprehensible way

Introducing the Genetic Information Management Suite (GIMS), bio.logis offers a unique solution that supports Diagnostic Labs in meeting these challenges and making genetic data usable for clinical practice.


Genetic Information Management Suite - GIMS

IT-supported translation of genetic data for usage at the Point of Care


Automated allocation of interpretations and further clinically relevant information to genetic data

Production of clinically actionable diagnostic reports



Structured documentation and sharing of variant assessments, decisions and reference information

Decision support for diagnostic reporting

Delivery and presentation of genetic test results through web-based applications at Point of Care