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the end-to-end workflow solution for pharmacogenomics

Pharmacogenomics is the study of how genetic variants affect a person´s response to drugs. The long overdue implementation of pharmacogenomics into clinical practice has so far been hampered by a lack of common standards and efficient workflows:

  • translating test results into clinical recommendations and producing diagnostic reports is a highly manual process requiring expert knowledge
  • results need to be delivered to physicians and patients in a way that allows them to make the best use of the right information at the right time.

In order to support clinical laboratories in making pharmacogenomic testing available on a large scale bio.logis Genetic Information Management GmbH has developed the easy to adopt workflow solution GIMS.pharma. It allows an efficient processing of individual preemptive pharmacogenetic testing with trusted and ready to use information on medication and treatment.

How it works


1. Physicians at Point of Care (PoC) collect blood samples from patients and send it to laboratory
2. Samples processed with any genotyping platform
3. Lab-results transferred via secure VPN-connection into bio.logis GIMS
4. Production of diagnostic reports including validated clinical interpretation and dosing recommendations
5. Diagnostic reports to be transferred into any laboratory or hospital information system for medical validation
6. Validated reports provided via printed documents and / or digital channels to referring physicians and patients at PoC.

Benefits at a glance

Turn-key solution for PGx

  • includes ready-to-use diagnostic content, provided by The Royal Dutch Pharmacists Association (KNMP) -  validated and used in the European U-PGx project (
  • allows automated production of PGx reports including validated dosing recommendations

From sample to bedside

  • direct interfaces to genotyping platforms, LIMS, HIS, etc.
  • provides reports as ready to use documents based on client´s templates
  • allows labs to provide results through digital channels, such as branded web-portal, mobile app, safety-code card with barcode

Compliance with GDPR

  • hosting in high security health care data center of Deutsche Telekom
  • patient data exclusively pseudonymized and encrypted
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Please contact us in case of any questions or to get more information about GIMS.pharma.

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