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Pharmacogenomics for everyday clinical practice:
digital and validated

Pharmacogenomics is the study of how genetic variations affect a person’s response to drugs. The long overdue implementation of pharmacogenomics into clinical practice has so far been hampered by a lack of common standards and efficient workflows.

With GIMS.pharma, pharmacogenetic expert knowledge can be easily obtained in the laboratory:
The software enables automated use of pharmacogenetic analysis data for validated and useful measures and dosing recommendations.

GIMS.pharma supports physicians in:

  • improving patient safety
  • optimizing drug efficacy
  • avoiding adverse drug events and complications
  • reducing hospitalization rates and health care costs.


How it Works

1 Physicians at Point of Care (PoC) collect blood samples from patients and send it to laboratory
2 Samples processed with any genotyping platform
3 Lab-results transferred via secure VPN-connection into bio.logis GIMS
4 Production of diagnostic reports including validated clinical interpretation and dosing recommendations
5 Diagnostic reports to be transferred into any laboratory or hospital information system for medical validation
6 Validated reports provided via printed documents and / or digital channels to referring physicians and patients at PoC

Software for PGx

  • includes ready-to-use diagnostic content, provided by The Royal Dutch Pharmacists Association (KNMP) – validated and used in the European U-PGx project
  • allows automated production of PGx reports including validated dosing recommendations

From sample to bedside

  • direct interfaces to genotyping platforms, LIMS, HIS, etc.
  • provides reports as ready to use documents based on client ́s templates
  • allows labs to provide results through digital channels, such as branded web-portal, mobile app, safety-code card with barcode

Compliance with GDPR

  • hosting in high security health care data center of Deutsche Telekom
  • patient data exclusively pseudonymized and encrypted

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