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bio.logis digital health GmbH

We are a digital genomics company starting as a spin-off from a genetic diagnostic laboratory setting. Our goal is to develop smart applications and functionalities to drive the implementation of genetic data into clinical decision making.
For laboratories and hospitals, we provide highly innovative software solutions enabling automated interpretation, diagnostic reporting & delivery of genetic data. This supports patients and physicians at point of care in making informed decisions based on information derived from DNA.

Our Vision

We want DNA owners to have easy and secure access to reliable health-related information based on their DNA.
Our goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem, where all stakeholders contribute to and benefit from maximizing diagnostic quality, improving patient care and promoting research.

Our Background

The bio.logis team consists of experienced human geneticists, scientists and IT experts.
Building software solutions for complex medical tasks requires excellent software development expertise and a deep understanding of medical decision making processes.
Our team has been formed with exactly this in mind: uniquely combining comprehensive genetic diagnostics knowledge and IT development expertise.

We enhance translation of genetic data into clinically actionable medical information for physicians and patients.

We ensure efficient production of consistent diagnostic reports.

We digitally deliver test results and transparently validated clinical information.