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Genetic Information Management System

Enhancing transfer of DNA-based information and knowledge into clinical care

Permanent advancements in sequencing technology result in exponentially growing amount of genetic data. Highly manual and inefficient interpretation & reporting processes as well as archaic non-digital delivery formats are in place. The resulting bottlenecks are so far holding back a more wide-spread use of DNA diagnostics in today’s clinical reality.  

GIMS is an IT-platform specifically designed to overcome these bottlenecks by supporting all relevant aspects of DNA data interpretation, reporting & delivery.

GIMS enables a substantial reduction of production time as well as costs and improves output quality for laboratories through:

  • interpretation and decision support
  • standardized and validated up to date expert content provided by a smart community
  • automation of report preparation 
  • digital outputs for smarter clinical application of DNA based decisions
  • integration of patient as important stakeholder, and addressable provider of valuable information to a real world data flow

Modular system with broad applicability

GIMS consists of software modules which combined cover all relevant aspects of DNA data interpretation, reporting & delivery. The system is not restricted to certain diagnostic fields or indications. Its basic logic and functionalities can be applied to any kind of DNA based diagnostic process and even beyond. The main modules are:

Management Module

Structured documentation of genetic knowledge


Efficient production of diagnostic reports


Digital delivery and smart functions

connectivity and workflow support

GIMS is input data agnostic and can process output from any sequencing platform as well as other clinical data. Key connectivity features are:

  • integration with any LIMS- and HIS-workflow
    via HL7- or FHIR- protocol
  • import of native raw data and lab result from various vendors 
  • proprietary interfaces to import trusted sources
    from public and restricted databases 
  • modern REST API for integration in proprietary 3rd party apps

secure and data privacy compliant

All GIMS modules are hosted in high security data centers of Deutsche Telekom in Germany. Deutsche Telekom Hosting solutions provide all security components required for hosting medical products according to European data protection laws, e. g.

  • infrastructure in secure T-Systems twin-core data centers
  • redundancy of all components
  • segregation of customers at all levels
  • robust protection for all external communication connections
  • identity and access management
  • backup of virtual machines

Furthermore GIMS´ backend is a medical product and has been certified as a ”Quality Product for Internet Medicine” by the German Association for Internet Medicine (BIM). As a medical product vendor, bio.logis also has established a comprehensive Quality Management System according to ISO 13485.

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