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bio.logis launches new add-on for Diagnostic Report Module

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bio.logis Genetic Information Management GmbH’s "Report Layout Engine" enables direct conversion of structured report content into mailable diagnostic reports

The "Genetic Information Management Suite", or GIMS in short, supports laboratories in efficiently translating laboratory findings into clinically leverageable and easily understood information for physicians and patients. At the heart of the software suite is the "Diagnostic Report Module", or DRM, enabling up to 95% of cost and time savings when creating diagnostic reports. With the introduction of the "Report Layout Engine" (RLE), bio.logis is expanding GIMS by another key building block to respond yet more flexibly to the requests and needs of diagnostic laboratories.

DRM supports the production of human genetic diagnostic reports by efficiently managing text and image content as well as automatically allocating content to laboratory findings. Every laboratory working with DRM receives its own, secure DRM instance, hosted in Germany by fully certified, dedicated Deutsche Telekom data centers. DRM contains a fully functional CMS (Content Management System) for structured creation and efficient management of all the content required for diagnostic reports. Human genetics reports are automatically compiled on the basis of laboratory result data and only require medical validation, meaning that the production of these reports can be largely automated.

By default, these reports are sent as structured data to the client's LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) where they are linked to the patient’s data and transferred to the lab’s diagnostic report layout. In case the client’s LIMS has no or only insufficient functions for creating final documents, GIMS now has a new component - the "Report Layout Engine". It enables transferring DRM-created report content into final documents of common output formats. Converting structured data into final diagnostic reports can be applied to any type of content such as text, lab values, diagrams, tables, references, etc. For the output, the engine uses templates created by the lab itself inside the system and centrally managed using clear workflows. This ensures that labs have full control of layout, design, and branding so this information is always up to date on all the documents.

“When talking to our clients it became clear that not all Laboratory Information Management Systems provide the necessary functionalities for creating document or that users were not happy with the existing solutions. So we addressed our clients’ needs for a solution by developing our Report Layout Engine. It is available now as a DRM add-on for labs, helping us to respond yet more flexibly to our clients’ existing IT infrastructure,” says Dr. Maike Post, Chief Marketing Officer at bio.logis Genetic Information Management GmbH. For the future, bio.logis want to leverage GIMS’ benefits also for other diagnostic laboratory areas. “Our Report Layout Engine is a first step into that direction,” adds Chief Technology Officer, Markus Kalkbrenner. “Over the course of the past few months, clients and prospects indicated that they would like to use this solution for creating reports in other fields, too. Therefore, we are also working on a standalone version of our Report Layout Engine.”

About bio.logis Genetic Information Management GmbH
bio.logis Genetic Information Management GmbH translates genetic data into medically leverageable information and makes it available to physicians and patients. To that end, it has developed a special "Genetic Information Management System (GIMS)" IT solution which, in the process chain required for genetic diagnostics, focuses on the "last mile" from physician to patient by merging raw genetic data with clinically leverageable knowledge for prompt application. GIMS supports physicians both in laboratories for automatically generating such expert content, and in hospitals with specific clinical suggestions. The physician reports and recommended action generated by GIMS is delivered straight to the point of care via laboratory and physician information systems as well as electronic health records. For more information about our company and our products, please visit

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