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bio.logis GIM launches first version of an iOS mobile app for personalized drug therapy

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Decisions for drugs and active ingredients depending on genetic variants / Individual drug therapies are supported

The “pharma.sensor” developed by bio.logis Genetic Information Management GmbH (bio.logis GIM) is a new mobile app for pharmacogenomics. The app shows whether certain DNA variants have to be considered for the safe efficacy of a drug. With this knowledge, the app user can identify if genotyping is useful prior of starting a drug therapy. The drug check is performed by simply entering a drug name or scanning the barcode on the packaging. The app is available in German and English via the Apple app store and is free of charge.

The DNA of every person is unique, nobody completely equals another person. This also affects the metabolism of drugs. Back in the sixties, pharmacologists found out that various human genetic variants lead to different efficacy of certain drugs. Especially antibiotics, chemotherapeutics, HIV therapeutics, oral antidiabetics, psychotropic drugs or analgesics are metabolized differently. If genetic variants are taken into consideration, recommendations for adjusting the dose or prescribing an alternative therapy can be given.

A huge amount of information about genetic variants being important for many drugs couldn’t be used in the clinical practice so far because no supporting tools have been available. Therefore, bio.logis GIM developed the “pharma.sensor” app to check whether there exists relevant DNA information for the efficacy or rather tolerance of different drugs, respectively. If so, a genetic test can be considered.

With just a few clicks, such a genetic test can be ordered directly via the “pharma.sensor” app. For this purpose, the app links to the services of the bio.logis Center for Human Genetics, a specialist for genetic analyses. Other partners will be included in the future as well.


The “pharma.sensor” app is available via the Apple App Store and can be downloaded free of charge.
A version for Android will also be available soon.