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bio.logis Genetic Information Management GmbH bound for growth – Moving to new business premises

| Press release

New domicile in Frankfurt am Main / bio.logis GIM GmbH creates space for further development of its IT solutions for genetic laboratories and hospitals

The company bio.logis GIM GmbH has moved into a new and larger facilities on Olof-Palme-Strasse 15 in Frankfurt am Main on 01.08.2018 - only a few minutes away from the previous location on Campus Riedberg. With its new business premises, the international company founded in  2013 has created the conditions for the planned growth in the coming years.

The rooms, which are ideally adapted to our internal processes, support our interdisciplinary teams to advance the further development of our Genetic Information Management Suite, explains Enrico Just, CEO of bio.logis GIM. “We also want to attract potential new employees to join a modern and agile team with a highly attractive location and work environment”, adds Prof. Dr. Daniela Steinberger, founder and CEO of bio.logis.

bio.logis GIM will double its current 30-strong team over the next 4 years, with a focus on IT developers, bioinformaticians and scientists.


About bio.logis Genetic Information Management GmbH

bio.logis Genetic Information Management GmbH translates genetic data into medically leverageable information and makes it available to physicians and patients. To that end, it has developed a special “Genetic Information Management Suite (GIMS)” IT solution which, in the process chain required for genetic diagnostics, focuses on the "last mile” from physician to patient by merging raw genetic data with clinically leverageable knowledge for prompt application. GIMS supports physicians both in laboratories for automatically generating such expert content, and in hospitals with specific clinical suggestions. The physician reports and recommended action generated by GIMS is delivered straight to the point of care via laboratory and physician information systems as well as electronic health records. For more information about our company and our products, please visit


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