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bio.logis opens access to IT infrastructure for federal genetic information management in the frame of a new corporate structure

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bio.logis opens access to IT infrastructure for federal genetic information management
in the frame of a new corporate structure

The founder of bio.logis and human geneticist Prof. Daniela Steinberger has managed successfully a buy-out to deploy the start-up bio.logis digital health GmbH. In doing so, she continues to pursue the goal of making genetic information easily and safely accessible to all. In order to guarantee an effective and responsible implementation of this vision, bio.logis is now set up as an NGO. In the course of this, the essential code structure of the Genetic Information Management System (GIMS) that has already been developed, will be opened up for medical and opensource communities. This ensures that physicians, patients and healthy individuals have the greatest possible transparency and sovereignty over shared data and information.

Steinberger, a pioneer in digital medicine, sees such a federal approach as a great opportunity to make genetic data more accessible and usable for further development, research and clinical diagnostics all as “fair trade biodata”: “Biological data and associated clinical information belong primarily to those that are affected by them. A system that enables a direct flow and exchange of information between patients, physicians, both in clinical and research fields as well as scientists can lead to the acquisition of knowledge far more efficiently, as oppose to closed or monopolizing systems.” says Steinberger.

This means that both, the owners of their personal genetic data and medical users who collect information on genetic variants are integrated into the health care structures as important stakeholders. In contrast to the existing genetic data silos, GIMS is intended to enable all stakeholders involved to use genetic data through self-determined, transparent and voluntary participation.

With the platform “GIMS.pharma” and the app “pharma.sensor”, digital solutions developed by bio.logis are already available for physicians and patients to use genetic diagnostics in everyday clinical practice and for personalized drug therapy. Furthermore, GIMS.pharma has already been successfully implemented at seven European universities as part of the EU project Ubiquitous Pharmacogenomics (U-PGx): the application study with 8,000 patients is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Other renowned human genetic and pharmacological institutes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are already using the system in patient care and other scientific projects.

GIMS.pharma has recently been registered as a class 1 medical product. With the completion of the international application study, the next step is to approve the “pharma.sensor” mobile app as a digital health application (DIGA).

About bio.logis digital health
bio.logis originated as a spin-off from a genetic-diagnostic laboratory and sees itself as a project in the field of "Digital Health / Genomics". The aim of bio.logis is the development of applications and functionalities to advance the use of genetic data for better clinical decision-making. Laboratories and hospitals are provided with innovative software solutions that enable the automated interpretation and diagnosis of genetic data as well as the digital access to clinical recommendations. Patients and physicians in health care are thus supported in making decisions with DNA-based information. The declared goal is to create a participatory and open ecosystem in which all those involved in the health care system can benefit and contribute from the standardization of diagnostic quality, the optimization of patient care and the support and further development of scientific research.

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